Lydia Collings is a ceramic artist who specialises in raku and smoke firing techniques

Her work includes abstract form, female torsos, vessels, animals and non-functional pots. Every piece is individually crafted and unique. The pieces are burnished using homemade terra sigillata (an ultrafine clay slip) and fired between 950°C and 1100°C. Her work is hand-built using a variety of techniques mainly slab building and press moulding. Her interest is sculptural forms rather than functional pots.  Each piece is unique, rich in contrasts, light and dark, coloured or black and white, straight lines or curved, shaped and smooth. All these characteristics can be found in nature which is Lydia’s source of inspiration. Her work is suitable for indoors only and the height ranges from 10 to 40 cm. The surfaces of her pieces are unglazed, smoke fired and marked by either seaweed, dried twigs, recycled newspapers, discarded horse hair or oxides. Recently, she has been exploring bright colours with Porcelain and high fire clays.

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